Wrinkle Relaxation Services in Neenah, WI

Your face tells your life’s own unique story and experiences. From a smile to a frown, squinting to read small writing, and so much more, life’s motions and emotions can leave their mark on your face. Natural aging and a lifetime of voluntary and involuntary facial muscle actions contribute to the formation of wrinkles, creases, and lines that can make you look angry, tired, or older than you feel. Our provider, Elizabeth,  is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner as well as a Certified Injector, specializing in Wrinkle Relaxation Treatments, commonly known as Botox, in Neenah, WI.

Did you know that there are currently 5 approved types of  Wrinkle Relaxers on the market? Botox was the first to market and is by far the most commonly known or referred to treatment, but this does not mean it is superior to the others. When a friend refers to her “Botox” injector, did you know that they may not actually be injecting Botox? The 5 approved Botulinum Toxins currently available include Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, Xeomin, and Daxxify.  Here at Illumatox, Elizabeth has hand selected the brand of  ‘Tox she feels is best suited for her clients after hundreds of patient injections. Elizabeth is consistently attending conferences and trainings to keep her knowledge and expertise cutting edge and to ensure she is providing the best products and treatments to her clients. Rest assured, if you see a product or service on the Illumatox menu of services, it has been handpicked and vetted by Elizabeth. 

How Does Botox Work?

Also known as “Botulinum Toxin Type A,”  otherwise commonly known as Botox, is a quick and efficient solution for treating fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment smooths the face to create a more relaxed appearance. Botox essentially gives your facial muscles a break and reduces their ability to contract, as well as limits the full extent of what those muscles are capable of expressing. Beyond cosmetic purposes, Botox is an amazing treatment for a handful of other medical concerns like TMJ, and much more. Please keep in mind,  Illumatox Aesthetic Studio does not take or bill insurance.

What Can Botox Treat?

Botox treats a wide variety of concerns ranging from both medical to cosmetic. Some of the most sought after treatments include:

  • Botox for wrinkles
  • Botox for a lip flip
  • Botox for brow lifts
  • Botox for chin dimpling/orange peel texture
  • Botox for TMJ

How Long Does Botox Last?

While there are a few factors that cause the length of  ‘Tox effectiveness to vary from patient to patient. Most clients can expect to experience an average of three months of results and relief. In order to enjoy year-round benefits from your Botox treatments, we recommend scheduling regular treatments, approximately every 12-16 weeks.

What Can I Expect At My Treatment?

A consultation is required for all areas of Botox, and treatment is performed on the same day if the patient is a good candidate. While the service itself is relatively quick, the injection of Botox requires skill and accuracy to ensure that it’s spread evenly and precisely. The treatment does not require numbing, as it is quick with little discomfort. Elizabeth will advise the recommended number of units for treatment as well as give a pricing quote prior to injection. Botox or another form of  ‘Tox will then be injected into the desired areas with a very small needle. Results start to take effect in 3-7 days, with full results on day 14. And just like that, you’re all set. Enjoy the amazing results, and we’ll see you again in a few months!

Wrinkle Relaxer Before & After Photos