Retinol vs. Retinoic Acid- What’s the buzz and are they the same?

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Retinol is a common ingredient in the aesthetic and skin care world. What does it do? Why are there so many different variations?  Retinoids are known for their anti-aging benefits when used in skincare and are derived from Vitamin A. How do you know what is the best? These are all valid questions and it can be hard to know the difference and right choice as a consumer. Essentially, it is important to know that all Retinoids are not equal and do not have the same potency. Retinol, in our opinion, is the most widely known retinoid.

Did you know that Retinol needs to be converted by the body twice to become retinoic acid?

As these conversions take place, the product becomes weaker and thus less effective. On the other hand, Retinoic Acid is the most potent form of Retinoid and the only form of Retinoid that is bioavailable to the skin. Retinoic Acid does not need to be converted by the body, and starts working right away at the highest efficacy. Because of the potency of Retinoic Acid, we recommend easing these products into your skincare regimen, about 2-3 times per week to start, working up to nightly. Retinoids should only be used in your evening skincare regimen, as they can cause some irritation, and should not be used when in the sun. Now that you know the difference, I’m sure you are wondering, what is our favorite Retinoid product?! It’s a no brainer for us, AlphaRet from Skinbetter Science. AlphaRet is formulated with Retinoic Acid, for maximum efficacy, and uses either glycolic or salicylic acids in conjunction to further help anti-aging or acne prone skin. It is our go-to product in our evening regimen. 

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