Chemical Peels in Neenah, WI

Whether you are new to the skincare game or are a seasoned veteran, you’ve likely heard about the importance of exfoliation in a skincare routine. Shedding dead skin cells is a natural part of your skin’s cycling process, but without proper removal and turnover, dead skin cells can negatively impact your skincare goals. There are two different methods of exfoliation – physical and chemical, and today we’re highlighting the undeniable benefits of chemical exfoliation both at home, and in our Neenah med spa.

We get it, the word “chemical” can sound intense. However, rest assured that modern day chemical peel formulations are tailored to be extremely gentle while also making a powerful impact on your skin. While chemical peels are most commonly utilized for the face, neck, and decollete regions, chemical peels can also be used on other parts of the body to speed up skin turnover and pack a punch with top-notch formulas addressing a variety of concerns.

There are many types of chemical peels on the market to target various problems such as:

  • acne
  • discoloration
  • fine lines
  • hyperpigmentation
  • melasma
  • rosacea
  • sun damage

Our Tried & True Chemical Peels

Our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Elizabeth works with each patient to determine the best chemical peel option for them based on their unique skin type and goals. Elizabeth has personally tried each and every chemical peel used in office. Illumatox offers top of the line chemical peels to target your skin concerns using the best medical grade products in the game. Let’s dive into the best of the best.


SkinBetter Science Peel: The SkinBetter Peel is a great choice for those who want to get a peel without having to actually peel.  This is a great “beginner” peel. This service provides exfoliating and brightening results with minimal downtime. This peel may cause some dryness with mild skin flaking possible. The majority of cellular turnover with this peel occurs microscopically, thus eliminating the peeling of skin, while still delivering results. This peel continues to work over the course of a few weeks. A series of peels are typically recommended for best results. 

Cost $175 per peel / 4 treatment series $600


BioRePeel: BioRePeelCl3 is a 35% TCA PEEL that is truly innovative, using a biphasic technology.  With minimal skin shedding for the majority of patients, this revolutionary professional grade peel means you won’t have to put your social plans on hold while your skin heals. BioRePeel improves the skin surface, imperfections, and accelerates cell turnover.  Stimulating the reconstruction of collagen and elastin deep within the skin layer, results can be seen instantly and will continue to improve over the following weeks. This peel is recommended in a series, and Elizabeth will work with you to determine how many treatments are recommended. 

Cost $275 per peel / 4 treatment series $999


The Perfect Derma Peel: The Perfect Derma Peel delivers ageless, healthy skin for all skin types and ethnicities.  Treating acne, aging, and pigmentation, this peel offers treatment to a vast amount of patients. It uses a safe and effective blend of acids and antioxidants to improve skin tone, texture, hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage, and more.  This is our “most intense peel”, however, it has very little discomfort with application. This peel does result in a full peel or shed of the top layer of skin for most people. Peeling generally starts 2-3 days after the peel and is typically done by day 7 post-peel.  After peeling is complete, patients are left with fresh, glowy skin.  This peel is also the only peel on the market to contain glutathione, an amazing antioxidant for the skin. This peel may be done as a stand alone treatment, or as a series, depending on individual concerns and skin type. 

Cost $325 per peel / 3 treatment series $900

Book Your Chemical Peel for Renewed & Glowing Skin

Chemical peels are a safe and great option for those who are looking to strengthen their skin barrier while addressing a wide range of concerns. Chemical peels are not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.  Elizabeth will work with you to determine which peel is right for you,  and then provide recommendations on maintenance visits based on your skin’s unique needs. Book your chemical peel today or reach out for a consult and skin assessment. Please keep in mind that chemical peels are result driven and corrective skin treatments. These types of treatments often require some skin preparation with proper “at home” professional grade skin care products. If you are unsure if you are a candidate for one of our peels, please text us at 920-585-8115 to determine eligibility prior to booking. 

bio re peel
  • SkinBetter Science Peel$175 /per Peel or 4 pack peel series $600

  • BioRePeel$275 /per Peel or 4 pack peel series $999

  • Perfect Derma Peel$325 /per peel or 3 pack peel series $900